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Software to computerise patients’ data

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LAHORE: The Young Doctors Association Pakistan (YDA) has offered to provide free of cost software to the Punjab government to help computerize the data of thousands of patients visiting daily the emergency wards of 23 teaching hospitals in the province.

“The software was prepared by a graduate of King Edward Medical University and old Kemcolian Dr Rizwan Basharat,” YDA secretary-general Dr Salman Kazmi said.

He said Dr Rizwan had submitted his offer to the Punjab government through the YDA.

Dr Kazmi said the software was specially designed to interlink data of all teaching hospitals of the province, Punjab Directorate of Health Services and the Health Department.

Through this software the health department for the first time will get daily updates of various kinds of diseases and number of patients.

The department will also get exact information about the ‘trend of leading communicable diseases’ all over the province which will help it in launching programmes in the right direction for the prevention and curative sides.

Earlier, Dr Kazmi said the health authorities had installed the software with the help of the Punjab Information Technology Board for the seasonal communicable diseases. This software was made functional during epidemic of any disease.

“The software prepared by Dr Rizwan is internet-based and will work round-the-clock,” Dr Kazmi said.

He said the software would not only provide authentic information of communicable diseases but will also update about trauma cases like firearm injuries, road accidents and burn victims.

“The government has wasted huge funds by launching various projects but no software has the capacity to cover all aspects,” he claimed.

The YDA has held several meetings with Dr Rizwan and convinced him to dedicate his ‘indigenous services’ for the betterment of the humanity.


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