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Society at the crossroads

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Karachi: Photographer/journalist Arif Hussain’s book, Crossroads, was launched at a ceremony at the Canvas Art Gallery on Saturday evening.

According to the author, he has tried to examine the various issues of life which may seem even trivial in daily life yet have a tremendous impact on our being and life as such.

To that end he’s gone photographing various situations and various segments of the population in town to come up with his answers. The book is based on pictorial interviews.

In a tribute to the author, noted TV and media personality Nimra Bucha said, “Arif is preoccupied with life. He has a zest for living and wants others to share it.” She was all praise for the endeavour.

Artist Moeen Farooqi, in a similar tone, showered praises on Hussain and said that Hussain was a committed photographer, a medium through which he projected the various issues of life.

He said that class held no importance for him and that he photographed people from a cross-section of the social strata and unfolded their views to his readers to gauge their own lives.

“His photographs are so descriptive. They are simply haunting,” he said.

The ceremony was well attended.

Arif Hussain is associated with White Star, a company that works to provide pictures to the English language daily, Dawn.

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