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SMS campaign sought ban on JI, JUI-F, JUI-S….

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ISLAMABAD: Within a few days of the Dec 16 brutal Peshawar massacre, an SMS campaign was run seeking ban on Jamaat-e-Islami, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl, JUI-Sami and others including a few journalists besides issuing a warning to judges — “either you are with us or with terrorists”.

The campaign ran through the mobile messaging service asked the unknown number of recipients — “Forward the message if you support it”.The relevance of this campaign became conspicuous after Maulana Fazlur Rehman said on Tuesday that how the Dec 16 massacre was being used by certain elements to target Islamic political parties, organisations and madaris.

The first message circulated on December 17 said if the govt was serious in eliminating terrorism in the country, it must do the following without “ifs & butts” and announce it today as such:

— Publicly hang all terrorists & convicted criminals forthwith,

— Ban all political parties who are considered as protégés of terrorists like JUI-F, JI & JUI-S etc or else they must condemn terrorism and prove it by their acts.

— Terrorists’ apologists like Ansar Abbasi & Orya Maqbul Jan etc must be banned from media.

— Indians must be told with straight face “Look it is you who are doing it”.

-— Judges must be asked either you are with us (nation) or with them (terrorists).

— Stringent anti-terrorism legislation must be passed within 48 hrs.

— All unregistered madaris in Pakistan must be closed in 48 hrs & official teams must visit registered madaris every fortnight to monitor their activities.

— No religious congregation/activity other than mandatory like five time prayers & Jumma congregation must be allowed without govt permission.

— Code of conduct must also be formulated for media wherein TV channels must not be allowed to conduct interviews of anti-social, anti-religious & anti-state scoundrels.

— NACTA must be operationalised.

“Remember: ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. Forward the message if you support it. Together we win, divided we lose.”

Later another message that primarily reflected on preventive security measures was circulated and yet in another message, it was conveyed, “Maulana Tariq Jamil (respected scholar from Tableeghi Jamaat) is seen on the social media in which he in his usual story telling style is offering a message of condolence on the tragic massacre of schoolchildren in Peshawar. Ironically, in his whole video message, MTJ has not condemned the terrorists or the ghastly act itself, similar to the lines of JI & JUI-F etc.”

The message added, “My question is that isn’t it the defining moment for the nation to identify wolves among us hiding in sheep’s skin. If we agree that terrorist are “Khawarij” in the light of sayings of Holy Prophet (SAW) then not condemning their act of barbarism isn’t their tacit support? …. Your opposite views are also solicited.”

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