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Smartphones evolutionary in country during last year

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ISLAMABAD: The just concluded 2013 has witnessed promotion of smartphones and tablets in the country as the year brought a lot of new things on the table in the case of smartphones, but as a whole it has been evolutionary.

Consumers in Pakistan are really starting to embrace smartphones and tablets and this trend also follows a decline in their prices and also with anticipated launch of 3G services.
The subscribers are also putting their Internet into a new gear as during current year 2014 due to flourishment of smartphones the mobile Internet is expected to overtake desktop Internet in the country.

Sure, technologies like 4K video recording, curved displays and 2K resolution displays are quite an achievement for which manufacturers should be proud but even they are overhauls and steps build upon from previous years.

The year was kicked off in spectacular fashion by the grand arrival of BlackBerry’s new BB10 OS-running phones, which brought along some of the biggest changes the company’s OS has ever seen.

Huawei brought along its first Windows Phone, the Ascend Mate W1 and a budget phablet in the Ascend Mate, which is still an attractive deal. Finally, Sony pulled the covers from its next flagship, the Xperia Z. The phone comes with a great design, great internals and a Full HD screen to make an attractive package.

February saw HTC announcing its next flagship. Nokia also announced two Windows Phones, the Lumia 720 and 520. The latter is the cheapest smartphone running on Microsoft’s OS and would later grow on to become the most-popular Windows Phone of all time. The very next month, Samsung announced its flagship, the Galaxy S4. Sony announced two new and exciting Android devices called the Xperia L and SP, which remain a respectable offering at this price point from any major manufacturer.

April saw the announcement of the first ever Facebook phone, the HTC First. Samsung announced its largest ever Android smartphones in the Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3 in its quest of covering the bases.

BlackBerry announced its cheapest BB10 device in the next month, which was still way too expensive. Samsung announced the Mini-version of its flagship, the Galaxy S4 Mini too rather limited fanfare. Nokia announced Lumia 925 which is almost completely the same, bar the phenomenal metallic design.

June saw Huawei announcing its next flagship and the then thinnest smartphone in the world, the Ascend P6. Sony also announced its ultra-large phone. The phone’s supersensitive display and waterproof design place it among the all-time greats.

Samsung also came up with S4 Active aimed towards those who live on the edge and S4 Zoom, for heavy-shooters. Samsung announced one of its more decent offerings in the starter range, the Galaxy Core.

Nokia finally added the PureView camera in its original shape on a Windows Phone next month, in the Lumia 1020. They also announced the 625, which is a cheap Windows Phone but with a large display. HTC also jumped on-board the ship by announcing a mini version of its flagship, through the One Mini.

LG announced its flagship, the G2 in August. Motorola also announced its first phone after being brought out by Google. Acer’s not a huge name in the smartphone world but they must have shocked the world when they announced the first-ever phone with 4K video recording & ring-flash and beefy hardware. HTC also announced a respectable offering in the mid-range category.

September is important mainly due to Apple’s awaited contributions and this time, it gave two of them. The iPhone 5s and 5c lie in the upper-end and lower upper-end category.

Samsung also announced the world’s popular phablet in this quarter, the Note 3, which comes with a larger display. Meanwhile Sony too announced a new cameraphone but without a hump. October was all about the curved phones from LG and Samsung.

November saw Google nailing it on the head once again, with the Moto G which also offers respectable specs at a price anyone can pay. Finally, we ended the year with the implementation of a major innovation in smartphones, 2K displays.

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