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Sindhi actress kidnapped on her way to Shikarpur

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SUKKUR: Sindhi film and television star, Nasreen Naz, was kidnapped by unidentified men as she made her way to Shikarpur from Ratodero last Wednesday.

The day before she went missing she was booked to shoot for a film and was also scheduled to shoot for a Sindhi drama in Larkana on Friday.

According to the sources, Naz had left Karachi on Monday for her film shoot in Shikarpur and was scheduled to be in Larkana for her television drama but never made it there. While speaking to The Express Tribune, her daughter Sonam said that two men in a white Mehran came to their house on University Road, Karachi, on Sunday and asked her mother to act in their film.

Naz’s daughter claimed that the men gave her mother Rs10,000 as an advance and she accepted the role.

According to Sonam, her mother left for Larkana on Monday and was in contact with her family till Tuesday.

“We thought she might be busy shooting and her cell phone was switched off because of that,” said the daughter. “We got alarmed when Aziz Sangi, a director my mother was working with, called and asked where she was. It was then that we realised that something was wrong.” She added that her mother did not want to work with those men who came to their house on Sunday but since she had accepted the advance, she went.

Sangi told The Express Tribune that Naz was scheduled to act in his Sindhi drama ‘Karo Sijj’ (the Black Sun), on Friday and when she didn’t show up for shooting, he tried to get in touch but her cell phone was switched off. Afterwards Sangi got in touch with her family and they told him she had left for Larkana on Monday. He said that they had come to know that the actress had left for Shikarpur with two men on Tuesday and had been missing since then.

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