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Sindh PA passes bill to mark high-density zones in cities

By Habib Khan Ghori

KARACHI: The Sindh Assembly on Monday unanimously passed the Sindh High Density Development Board Bill, 2010, which will identify and earmark high-density zones in the urban centres of the cities in the province.

The board, whose chairman will be the Sindh governor and co-chairman the chief minister, will earmark high-density zones in consultation with the respective utility agencies, keeping in view the general principles of the master plan.

Members of the boards will be the local government minister, chief secretary, secretary for local government, nazim of the relevant district, chief controller of buildings and an EDO or the chief of the master plan of the district concerned.

The bill, No 14 of 2010, was made part of the agenda through supplementary order of the day. Law Minister Ayaz Soomro introducing the bill requested for dispensing with Rules 84, 85 and 86 for immediate consideration by the house.

Speaking on general principles, the law minister made a strong case in support of the bill aimed at allowing the construction of high-rise buildings by earmarking zones in urban centres with high-density population in the province.

Local Government Minister Agha Siraj Durrani speaking in support of the bill thanked the coalition parties for their cooperation and support of the bill which, he said, was in accordance with the vision of the PPP leadership for setting up a high-powered board to identify high-density areas in urban centres such as Karachi to be designated for vertical development.

Prisons Minister Haji Muzaffar Shujra, Minister Syed Sardar Ahmad of the MQM, Nusrat Sehar Abbasi of the PML-F and Humera Alwani of the PPP welcomed the bill.

After its third reading, when the bill was put to a vote, it was passed unanimously.

Earlier, soon after the questions hour, Mohammad Shaharyar Khan Mehar of the PML-Q through a point of order referred to his adjournment motion which he wanted to move on Friday but was not allowed.

The speaker recalled that the matter of his adjournment motion pertaining to striking teachers had been discussed. Senior Minister Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq made a detailed statement under Rule 215 and leader of the opposition Jam Madad Ali also spoke on the subject.

Law Minister Soomro said if the matter was to resolve the issue, it was already before the chief minister and a meeting was scheduled at 2pm in that connection and that he hoped it would be resolved.

The chair drew the attention of the mover to Rule 73(2) which did not allow to revive discussion on a matter discussed in the same session, as such an adjournment was disallowed.

Bilqees Mukhtar through a point of order recalled the indifferent attitude of religious scholars towards Quranic verses and pages and called for their proper burial in certain mountains.

Shehla Raza through her point of order condemned the brutal attack by Israeli forces on the Turkish ‘Peace flotilla’ in the international waters, killing and wounding many others.

Before calling it a day at 1.40pm, the speaker asked the members who had submitted their resolutions for the private members day to ensure their presence in the office of the assembly secretary for balloting on the resolutions to be included in the order of the day for Tuesday, private members day.

Earlier, soon after the house was called to order by Speaker Nisar Ahmad Khuhro at 11.30am, the law minister made a statement under Rule 215 to inform the house that according to the report received from the DCO of Naushehro Feroze, the portrait of Benazir Bhutto which was removed with that of GM Syed and Pir Sibghatullah Rashdi were restored their original spots. Regarding the complaint about a “Faqir” indulging in harassment of people, he said CP 1008 was pending against him in the Sindh High Court as such the matter could not be discussed.

About a reported increase in the prices of drugs as was raised by Bilqees Mukhtar, the law minister said the federal government had denied a 25 per cent increase in drug prices.

Najmuddin Abro pointing out the scarcity of water in Qamber Taluka, Shahdadkot, Miro Khan and Wara, where not only cotton crop was being damaged by the non-availability of water, but even drinking water was not available in certain areas. He warned against implementing the plan to carry out a new branch to divert water from the existing canal.

Food Minister Nadir Khan Magsi referred to the statement of the Pakistan Flour Mills Association about some Magsi Force that was not allowing wheat movement from Punjab. The minister said this statement was meant to bring pressure on the Sindh government which was regulating wheat movement under Section 144 to ensure supply of good wheat from Punjab.

Heer Sohu demanded the arrest of culprits involved in the gang-rape of a 10-year old girl in Khanpur.

Nusrat Sehar Abbasi demanded action against those officials who ordered police action against students of Shah Latif University in Khairpur staging a peaceful protest demonstration against load-shedding, which also resulted in non-availability of water in the hostel. Law Minister Ayaz Soomro said the issue had been resolved and as such it was not proper to raise it in the assembly now.

On reminding the need for early amendments to the rules of business by the speaker so that members could raise the issue through call attention notices, Syed Sardar Ahmad said the committee on the rules of procedure had already completed its review and submitted its recommendations to the assembly secretariat.

Arif Mustafa Jatoi said that despite an official assurance he was not provided with a report of the committee on rules of procedure. The law minister said the report would be presented in the house after the budget session.

Mir Hassan Khoso called for taking notice of building one-room schools in his districts where a contract had been given to four or five contractors, endangering the life of children.

Jam Madad Ali, the leader of the opposition, drew the attention towards the institution of a false forgery case against Makhdoom Shahzad of Hala, who is not only a PML-F leader but also a scion of the respected Talib-ul-Mola family.

The law minister said the FIR was lodged by a member of the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz). However, he promised to institute an impartial inquiry into the matter.
Source: Dawn