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Silly morning shows

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By Sameen

I would like to draw your attention to the morning show craze that has been adopted by our television channels. Once there was a time when talents like Tauseef Haider and Mustansar Hussain Tarar would host some really informative and decent shows with great guest appearances for these morning shows but now, whenever you turn on the television, there are some gaudily dressed ladies or strangely dressed men either giggling, dancing, singing or a wedding scene being created on the set. Even worse are the kind of questions they ask their guests, which clearly depict their level of knowledge and intelligence. It is all a display of nonsense.

Recently, a host was making prank calls to people and was giggling absurdly. I want to ask what they are trying to show the audience. Instead of giving them some useful information they always create some ridiculous reason to host ridiculously themed shows. Please will the authorities gain some sense and give us something better to watch first thing in the morning? Instead of giving us a good morning, these shows make ours a crazy morning.


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