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Short film, Laila, is engaging

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There has been a tremendous growth in the number of short films that are released online, allowing easy access to viewers. It is always a treat to watch these short stories that don’t demand much of your time and mostly give you something to think about. Adding to the list is the newest release Laila, produced by Khoosat Films, in collaboration with Mangobaaz.

Directed by Khizer Idrees, Laila opens with a guy, essayed by Aqdas Waseem, who is a slob. He books a ride as soon as he gets up in the morning and once he is ready to leave, he finds out that someone else, a woman (played by Sundas Khan) living in the same street, has mistakenly taken his ride. Upon calling the driver, he speaks to the woman and falls in love with her voice and in a desire to talk to her he calls the driver again and lets her know that there is some amount in his account that she needs to return to him. She tells him she’ll return the money in the evening.

He cleans the house, gets ready and waits for her to arrive. She comes to his place, praises him on his cleanliness and falls for him after which the two start living together. And suddenly, the door bell rings and he learns that he was just dreaming about the woman whose son has come to return the money.

All this time while we thought it was true, the story moved at a smooth pace, making us wonder what’s coming next. The performances are impressive while the narrative is engaging. Written by Khizer Idrees and Mustafa Afridi, the short film also features Sarmad Khoosat in a small role.

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