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Shakeel’s poetry hailed as a unique literary achievement

By Zabe Azkar Hussain

Karachi: Mohsin Shakeel, whose original name is Azhar Ali Khan, hailing from Balochistan, has a nice poetic taste and this can be witnessed in his two poetry collections. The first ever collection of Urdu ‘Haiku’ in Balochistan was by him.

Shakeel, born in Quetta on March 7, 1962, after completing his Masters began his life-long love of writing, by starting off in the early eighties. He basically writes in the Urdu language and both his poetry and prose have been published in all the prestigious and leading literary magazines and newspapers of the country as well as abroad.

The collection of ‘Haiku’ titled ‘Sargoshee’ by Shakeel appeared in 2005 and his admirers say that he was the first poet who wrote ‘Haiku’ in Urdu as being a representative poet of Balochistan. Shakeel, a resident of Samangli Housing Scheme, Quetta, is regarded as a representative Pakistani poet who has received several awards. His first poetry collection containing ‘Ghazals’, ‘Geet’ and poems titled ‘Aankh Bhar Hairat’ had appeared in January 1999. He pointed out that the title was suggested by a late modern poet and critic, Qamar Jameel. He later on received the prestigious ‘Parveen Shakir Adabi Award’ for his poetry collection.

Moreover, he was also declared as the best lyricist for the decade by PTV Quetta (1988 — 1998). He occasionally emcees socio-literary cum cultural programmes of PTV and Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation. Shakeel also has the honour of being amongst poets whose verses have been made a part of syllabus for MA students studying Urdu in Balochistan University.

Prominent writers, poets and critics, whose comments have been made a part of his two collections, have paid him rich tributes for having invented beautiful couplets of ‘Ghazal’ and other forms of poetry. In regard to his poetry, various writers highlight that he has valued the classical poetic view towards poetry creation. He also pays respect to the classical style of inventing Urdu poetry that echoes a unique lyrical and musical magic. His diction such as ‘Tanhayian’, ‘Dar Say Bandhna’, ‘Ahtiat Mein Gumm’, Shashjahat’, ‘and Riazat Ka Sathi’ and others produce totally fresh impact. Besides, his poems and lyrics such as ‘Geetar’, ‘Abhi Nane Javeen Ka Aik Bhi Tukrra Naheen Aaya’ ‘Pehya’, ‘Aaag’, and ‘Naghma’ present an amazing poetic view towards life and its cruel realities.

Those, commenting on his ‘Haiku’, note that Shakeel has developed his skills to express the inner feelings quite fluently and articulately and the readers take these very pleasantly. Shakeel has contributed a lot of his creative genius to Pakistan Television in the shape of drama serials, songs, lyrics, and miscellaneous scripts on different issues.

Shakeel plans to publish numerous books in the near future including another collection of his Urdu poetry, songs for children titled ‘Mathee Pay Bosa’, translations titled ‘Apni Zuban Mein’, essays and articles titled ‘Ezafi Safhe’, a collection of lyrics and songs titled ‘Beetay Pal Jana’ and separate collections of his TV serials titled ‘Tikon’, ‘Eitabar’ and ‘Frame Say Giri Tasvir’.
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