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Shahi Syed condemns electronic media

KARACHI: The electronic media should bring the target killers in the limelight and tell the truth to the people, said Awami National Party Sindh Chief Shahi Syed. In a statement issued on Thursday, he condemned the role of electronic media in the coverage of targeted killings in the city.

“Journalists should give full coverage to the facts without any fear of the terrorists and inform the people of the reality; speaking in a few words does not free the media from its responsibilities,” he said.

He said the media was telecasting talk shows of political and non-political persons, which was creating a one-sided opinion. “Why is the media not showing the reports of the joint investigation cell and the confessional statements of the arrested target killers,” he questioned. He said that some specific anchors were aggravating the already tense situation and showing their political affiliations by avoiding making programs against the target killers.

He appealed to the media to make exclusive programs on the joint investigation cell reports, eyewitnessesÂ’ accounts and the target killers’ confessional statements.
Source: Daily Times