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Setting new trends

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KARACHI: There was no singular theme that bound together the artists’ display at the Artciti gallery. No thematic consistency in the concepts, no similarity in techniques and use of medium. They were as original as art can be, thus, the title of the exhibition, ‘Trendsetters’, could not be more apt.

Displaying the work of young, emerging artists, ‘Trendsetters’ determined how freshness of ideas and the manner of their portrayal sets every artist apart.

Upscale imagination was the theme of Saher Shah’s ‘Hair Series’ where the long tresses that are often suggestive of feminine beauty were the key ornaments on her canvases. From a bull’s horns to a rat’s tail to a perfect braid that twined around a mirror, the artist captured both the frailty and strength of this remarkable feminine characteristic. It was awe-inspiring to see how not even the minutest detail of nature goes unnoticed by the eyes of an artist, who looks at it in a positive and uplifting way.

Ashair Naeem’s ‘Pointer on Canvas’ cast a mesmerising effect on onlookers as he set about trailing seemingly insignificant lines into perfect figures of women. The lines on his work are arranged in a perfect pattern, their closeness and distances measured and precise. Another fascinating aspect of this work is the merging nature of images. A closer look at the canvas revealed figures emerging out of an existing, definite figure. For instance, a hand of one figure was actually an eye of the other and so on.

In contrast to this, Rohail Ghouri’s use of pointer, in which he portrayed the simple and subtle village life, was less patterned and more fluid. Commenting on the work of the artists, curator Asif Ameen was of the opinion that although the techniques used are similar, they have been exhibited very differently from one another. “That’s the unique part of this exhibition. Everyone is different and new,” he explained.

An art exhibition that does not play with colours can be boring, but ‘Trendsetters’ did not disappoint in this aspect either, as bright, freehand splashes of colour by Sadaf Ahmed restored the happy feeling.

The extensive use of watercolour on paper that appeared random and abstract was actually definite. A silhouette of a young girl and a midrib of a butterfly could be made out amidst a background of a variety of colours. “This is abstraction at its best,” commented Ameen on the wide array of artwork being displayed.

‘Trendsetters’ will continue to show at the Artciti gallery until August 18.

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