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Senate adopts unanimous resolution against anti-Islam video

ISLAMBAD: The Senate Monday passed a unanimous resolution condemning the airing of the blasphemous video on the internet and described it a campaign to malign Islam, stating that the airing of blasphemous movie which seems to be a vilification campaign being maliciously touted by some western elements, lobbies and countries to malign Islam, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) and the Holy Quraan, all on the pretext and behind the smokescreen of freedom of speech and expression.

Opposition leader in the Senate Ishaq Dar moved the resolution after getting endorsement from all the parliamentary leaders in the Senate.

Through the resolution the Senate urged upon the United Nations that an international law/framework be devised making incumbent upon all members states to jointly work towards inter-faith harmony by introducing laws entailing deterrent punishments in order to discourage and prevent the production and outflow of blasphemous material aiming at insulting or ridiculing all religions, holy personalities and other sacred scriptures,

The resolution asked the government of Pakistan to take appropriate and effective steps to mobilise the government and people of all Muslim and peace-loving countries of the world to resort to all necessary (diplomatic and other) measures to condemn and counter these efforts which threaten peace and harmony among different religions and cultures.

The resolution stated that this house conveys its deep concern over a systematic, conscious and well-orchestrated connivance to consistently splash out and propagate hate literature/sacrilegious material has damaged the sentiments of 1.5 billion Muslims all over the world. The resolution stated thatthe Senate of Pakistan strongly recommends that the right of freedom of speech and freedom of expression should not be allowed to be abused to create inter-faith fissures and to hurt sentiments of followers of certain faith, which in this case are Muslims, who happen to be the largest religious denomination of the world after Christians.

The resolution stated that this House is of the considered opinion that such incidents provide extremists and terrorists organisations a good justification and supposedly higher moral ground to recruit, promote and export extremism and terrorism, and to take advantage of this to create more cleavages among followers of different religions and stoke hatred and mistrust.

The resolution stated that the Senate of Pakistan strongly believes that a few irresponsible individuals or small organisations, no matter which ethnic group, religion or country they belong to, must not be allowed to damage and spoil international peace, understanding, goodwill and coexistence among people of various faiths.

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