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Seminar – Karo-Kari a terrorist act

KARACHI – Speakers at a seminar demanded of the government that all the crimes against women be declared non-compoundable acts and amend the laws for exemplary punishment to those involved in the Karo-Kari and honour killings.

The participants also demanded of the members of the National Assembly and senate to amend Sections 300 and 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) for capital punishment to those involved in provoking honour killings and defending this act.

The seminar was held at the Committee Room of the Sindh Assembly on October11 with Rahila Tiwana, Deputy Speaker of the Sindh Assembly was in the chair. The title of the seminar was, “Karo-Kari, women’s rights, and human smuggling” and women MPAs, lady councillors, representatives of the women and human rights bodies and lawyers condemned the tribal custom Karo-Kari and honour killings.

The seminar appealed to the goverts both at the provincial and federal level to declare all crimes against women acts of terrorism and the cases of such crimes be referred to Anti-Terrorism Courts (ATC) for speedy justice.

The speakers also condemned the growing human smuggling and demanded of the government to take action against this anti-human act and punish those involved in the heinous crime.

The participants suggested that need to set-up a local level network to mobilise the area women and create awareness among them for their human and legal rights and for unity to combat such social evils.

The participants said that without local level and community participation, any struggle against Karo-Kari and human smuggling would be futile and suggested that Human Resource Centres to be headed by lady MPAs and MNAs be set-up in their respective constituencies for mobilisation.

They said that lady councillors, NGOs, and professional bodies be activated as members of these resource centres and for close liaison with the local police for the help to women victims.

Addressing the seminar the Acting Speaker, Rahila Tiwana, requested all the women legislators to play their role in curbing crimes against women. She also demanded that Hudood Ordinance and other black laws against women be repealed.

The participants of the seminar were shocked to listen to the terrible story of a young Dadu lady, Seema Wafa, a victim of Karo-Kari. She told the participants that her father accused her and her husband of Karo-Kari and forced them to live in constant hiding due to constant life threats.
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