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SBP works on data warehousing project

KARACHI: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), is working on a data warehousing project which would provide required data on demand This was stated by Sultana Mehmood, head of the ebusiness section of the SBP at a talk show, organized by MARKiT under the Information Technology Commerce Network (ITCN) Asia-2002 held at Expo Centre here the other day.

She said:

“We are going for data warehousing project which will be bigger than that of the NADRA in the near future’.

This project will enable the bank to give the information on request by the donor agencies like the MF etc. in the quickest possible time without any duplication, as currently there is a lot of duplication. The on of this project would be in phases and not in one go.

Sultana said; that true online banking is going to take time in Pakistan but the State Bank of M~ (SBP)1 is moving ebanking.

“We have directed the bank to install ATM machines by June next year as it will be a mandatory for them,’ she said and citing an example she said that the MCB has 750 branches on line in which 130 have ATM machines.

In ebanking most of the actions are made on the internet but for making deposit one needs Physical buildings.

To a question about digital signature facility, Sultana said she had no idea as to how long would this take to introduce the facility.

She said there has been a tremendous growth in the IT sector in Pal~ in two years time and she was deeply impressed with this growth.

Atiq Rehman of American Technologies observed that IT is not s~ from life and that the future of IT in Pak~ is very bright. ‘But we are not working properly to be the leaders in this sector,” he said.

-If America is having problems in finding cheaper solutions of software we can give them but for that we have to be prepared,” he said.

We have doubled our people after the September 1 1 and have the biggest ~ of over 250 people working, he said.

Ghulam Abbass, a speaker at the talk show said the role of Human Resources (HR) in ebusiness will of

objective nature and_ not scheduled based.
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