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Saleem Shahzad murder: Medico-legal report confirms severe torture

ISLAMABAD: More than three people tortured slain journalist Saleem Shahzad with blunt weapons, simultaneously from right, left, front and back sides, a final medico-legal report (MLR), marking gravity of 17 wounds, reveals.

A three-member board of surgeons comprising Dr Farrukh Kamal, the Medico-Legal Officer (MLO), Dr Ashok Kumar (Pathologist) and Dr Fahad (General Surgeon) conducted the post-mortem of the slain journalist.

Renowned pathologist Dr. Waseem Khawaja believes that Saleem Shahzad died of ‘Vasovagal shock’, a situation when heart stops beating of shock during extreme torture.

Another pathologist claimed the assailants kept him hitting even after he succumbed to injuries. While medical officer, in the post-mortem report remarked: “The deceased died due to multiple injuries – from 1 to 17 – which caused rupture of both lungs, liver and fractured 6th rib on left side, 9th rib on right side caused death. All injuries are antemortem in nature and sufficient to cause death in ordinary course of nature.”

The post-mortem report, viewing external appearance of torture, said: “Post-mortem was already conducted. The Additional District Magistrate Dr. Ehtashan Anwar directed for re-examination of the body as requested by brother-in-law of slain Syed Saleem Shahzad.” The report (P-06/11-00071) further said: “The body of young male, height 5 ft 10 inches, wrapped in a white sheet (coffin), body looking in advanced putrefaction stage, foul smelling, swollen, tongue protruded, colour turned dark brown to blackish, intestinal visera outside the stomach due to slip (breakage) of stitch. Sutures seen on abdomen, chest and skull.”

Typifying the details of the wounds, the report said, “Injury No.1: Lacerated wound measuring 5×1.5 cm on the left side of forehead; Injury (2): Bruise 6×3 cm on left upper eyelid; (3): Bruise 4×2.5 cm on mid forehead; (4): Lacerated wound 10×4 cm above and lateral to left nipple deep up to lungs; (5): Wound 5×3 cm on left knee joint; (6): Bruise 6×5 cm on left medial side of knee joint; (7): Bruise 17×13 cm on right upper chest clavicle region; (8): Bruise 5×4 cm on antero-lateral side of right chest; (9): Bruise 6×6 cm on right shoulder; (10): Bruise 6×3 cm on lateral aspect right upper arm; (11): Bruise 5×3 cm on lateral aspect of right elbow; (12): Bruise 6×5 cm lateral aspect of right upper forehead; (13): A wound 3×2 cm on medial aspect of right forehead; (14): Another wound adjacent to first wound 1.5×1.5 cm on medial aspect of forehead; (15): A wound 2×1.5 cm on right lateral aspect of chest; (16): A bruise 12×8 cm on right of lower chest; (17): A bruise 21×8 cm on right lateral back of chest.

The ‘cranium and spinal cord’ examination report said the scalp was ruptured and membranes-brain was liquefied and in the stage of putrefaction and the brain was ruptured as it was already examined.

“6th rib on the left side and 9th rib are fractured and pleurae is ruptured. Right lung is traumatic, damaged and haemorrhagic, while the left lung is ruptured, damaged and haemorrhagic,” the report said adding that the left lobe of the liver was partially ruptured and damaged.

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