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Saleem Shahzad: a martyr

THIS refers to the killing of journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad. It is a great shock to the world as journalists stand for the cause of people and their killing is deplorable. It is journalists who make policymakers accountable and influence them to work responsibly according to the public mandate.

It is sad Pakistan is turning into a battleground of war between the US and Al Qaeda in which civilians are being injured and killed.

The growing intolerance and extremism in Pakistan bring to mind Jinnah’s speech on Pakistan’s Independence Day in which he said that oneÂ’s religion was not important for the progress of Pakistan.

However, a few fundamentalist groups have wrongly interpreted the values that symbolise Islam and carry out evil actions such as killing of innocent civilians, government executives and journalists. Since Bin Laden’s killing, retaliatory attacks have left Pakistan in ruins.

However, Shahzad’s death should be an embarrassment for the government and a guilt for perpetrators who killed him because of his honest reporting. Shahzad’s fearless reporting in bringing some untold realities and contribution to the development of the nation itself are enough to inspire young journalists, wishing to take the responsibility to bring about a change in society.

It was a martyrdom of Shahzad who lost his life while serving the people. He was a true martyr.

Nevertheless, the common people are looking for peace, security and protection of their rights which are on stake. Pakistan needs to make huge efforts to restructure the nation rather than project India as an existential threat which is incorrect as the internal threat to Pakistan is a big impediment to its growth.

The scourge of terrorism has embarrassed and injured Pakistan which needs to restore some dignity in protecting the common man by stringent measures against violators of harmony and achieving trust of the international community to reform Pakistani society.

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Source: Dawn