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Saleem Shahzad’s murder

THE people in Pakistan are being deceived. The sequence of events is that Saleem Shahzad’s mobile calls were tapped for a long time by intelligence agencies. They knew, by listening in on that fateful day, where he was headed. He did not reach his destined TV station for an interview which might have been potentially damaging. Shahzad was tortured in military style and thrown into a river later.

The DG, ISI, denied the organisation’s involvement. He should, however, find the rogue agents operating in Islamabad who have been torturing and harassing journalists.


A call for justice

WHEN citizens are not safe in a country, how can they talk of a free and safe press.

Journalism, which is the fourth pillar of the state, is particularly a field of risk and dangerous in a country like Pakistan.

It was reported in 2009 that since the year 2000 almost 70 journalists had been killed in the country.

Mohammad Ibrahim was shot down in May 2008 in Bajaur Agency and the young talented Wali Khan Babar was slain in Karachi. Saleem Shahzad was recently killed.

Umar Cheema, journalist working for a local newspaper, was first kidnapped, tortured and then set free.

How long will our journalists face the brunt of it all? Are they not humans? I would like to urge the government to ensure the safety of journalists, who are working tirelessly to seek the truth.

Source: Dawn