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Rs35m approved: Virtual varsity channels

ISLAMABAD, May 27, 2005: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has approved Rs35 million to facilitate Virtual University channels on cable networks working throughout the country.

The project has been approved by the HEC’s departmental development working party, an official statement said. Under the project necessary equipment will be provided to 510 receiving locations throughout the country.

It will facilitate cable operators to receive VU broadcasts from PAKSAT-I. These locations will include all major cable-head- ends and Virtual University campuses in the country.

The VU is telecasting its programmes through its television channels VTV-1 and VTV-2. These channels are beamed through the country’s first satellite PAKSAT-I. Reception of these channels requires installation of dish and receiver, resulting in small viewership.

VU’s target viewers are students at their campuses, students at home, housewives and professionals. The Higher Education Commission project will fulfils VU’s objective of spreading knowledge everywhere as the majority of the urban and suburban population receives television broadcast through cable network. The concept is first of its kind in the country although prevalent in other countries, i.e. distance learning institutions.
Source: Dawn