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Role of judiciary, media in democracy highlighted

Karachi: The judiciary and media constitute two most important components of democracy and both are performing well in their own capacities. In this connection, a media commission has been formed to analyze the relation between media and democracy during elections, speakers said during a seminar titled “The future of democracy in Pakistan – A crisis and a question” on Wednesday.

The event was jointly organised by the departments of Mass Communication and General History, Karachi University, and the speakers included Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Qaiser and former senator Javed Jabbar.

“The upcoming elections will prove to be better in the respect that these will have a strong monitoring setup,” they said.

Talking about democratic institutions and future of democracy in Pakistan, Javed Jabbar highlighted that the process of improving the democratic setup always begins from the grassroots level.

“Education at the primary level is the best way to promote democracy because individual integrity and identity at this level will lead to an improved and far better form of democracy.”

He was of the view that the developed countries never hesitate in promoting intellectual and scientific fields, adding that the process of improvement in Pakistani society should begin from the primary education level.

Local journalist Shahnawaz Farooqi said that education was imperative for ensuring smooth democracy, adding: “Not a single country in the world can survive without democracy because democracy itself is divided into several forms and shapes that facilitate life at different levels”.

Dr Riyaz Ahmed Sheikh said that corruption happens to be the root cause of every failure, “and we first need to get rid of this menace”.

Chairperson Department of Mass Communication Dr Tahir Masood remarked that the system could be improved only when attention was paid at individual level.

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