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Right blending: Journalism with responsibility

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By Maha Mussadaq

ISLAMABAD: To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the World Press Freedom Day, a panel of senior journalists, experts from the United Nations and government representatives advocated responsible journalism and increased press freedom.

UN experts believe that the new government must craft an action plan for the safety of journalists in Pakistan. “We call on the governments of the world to do their utmost for the safety of journalists,” said UN Resident Coordinator Timo Pakkala.

With approximately 500 newspapers printed and 80 news channels being aired, Additional Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Muhammad Azam said that the boom in electronic media in 2002 came as a challenge to Pakistan. Complete freedom of press must come with a sense of responsibility which is often violated in some cases, he said. “The Code of Conduct, drafted for channels, is not fully followed because of which journalists in Pakistan face great challenges such as security threats,” he said.

According to Senior Journalist Hamid Mir, the freedom of media in Pakistan is only confined to big cities and smaller cities are suffering. “Freedom of media is partial in Pakistan and we fail to inform our viewers and readers about it. Journalists in Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa cannot speak as freely as us who are sitting in the capital,” he said.

Source: Express Tribune

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