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Revised draft of health control ord cleared

Under the proposed ordinance an accreditation and licensing authority will be established in the case of hospitals, clinics, laboratories, physiotherapy centres, pathologists, nursing homes, maternity homes, diagnostic clinics and other health providers, including hakeems operating in the Sindh province, said official sources.CM Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim gave ascent to the a fresh ordinance draft during a meeting with Sindh Health Minister, Sardar Ahmed and Sindh Health Secretary Dr Noushad Shaikh on Wednesday. The chief minister also approved two proposals pertaining to appointment of a special secretary at the department and service and promotion structure for the doctors employed under specialist cadre by Sindh Health department.It was said that with some changes had been made in the original draft in consultation with representatives of some private health establishments. Now the accreditation authority will be a fully autonomous body, excluding officials of the Sindh health department. The headquarter of the Authority shall be in Karachi and will be headed by a chairman, who will be nominated by the Sindh Chief Minister from among the private sector, likely some retired government or army personnel or member of the civil society, said a source privy to the meeting.The members of the committee include chancellors and vice-chancellors of public and private medical universities, two persons of medical eminence, one representative each from the Pakistan Dental Council, radiologists’ society, Private Hospitals’ Association Karachi, one representative each of Family Physicians or General Practitioners, Pathological Laboratory Association, Unani, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Association. A grade 20- director/secretary will also be appointed for the accreditation authority.It was decided that the authority will be fully empowered to give accreditation to health providers and inspect in a check list form by medical auditors, Call for any medical information from a health provider, make regulations.No health provider shall continue unless accredited, while no person other than an approved practitioner will be allowed to practise.
The licence or certificate of registration shall be valid for a period of three years and shall be displayed at a conspicuous place in the hospital or clinic.Where the Authrotiy, on receiept of compalaint or otherwise, after making such inquiry or inmspection as deemd fit, is satisfied that there is contravention of any provision of the Ordinance, rules or regulations or terms or conditions of the accreditation certificate, it shall, after giving an opportunity to the person concerned of being heard, suspend or cancel the accreditation of the health providers or reprimand of fine the health provider as per rules.Any person contravening the provisions of the Ordinance shall be punished with imprisonment which may be extend to three years or with fine which may extend to five hundred thousands rupees or with both.The authority shall also define minimum safety standards for running of a hospital. The Ordinance has been at laying down standards/rules for ethical medical services, provision of medico-legal facilities in the hospitals, improve handling of patients at the hospitals and clinics, added the source, saying that the draft ordinance was being sent to the Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad Khan for promulgation now.During the meeting, the Chief Minister also approved creation of a post of Special Secretary within the orbit of Sindh Health Department, who will be authorized to look into medico-legal, administration and drug inspectorate, various projects pertaining to preventive and public health run under the health department.A notification pertaining to the appointment of first special sectary in the health department, Capt (Retd) Abdul Majid, will be issued in a day or two, said the source, adding that he will be assisted by a additional secretary.The Chief Minister also approved service structure first of its kind in the case of about 750 specialists working in the Sindh Health Department. A three tier formula has been adopted paving way for promotion of 17% of these Grade 18 specialist doctors to Grade 19 and promotion of another eight per cent of them to Grade 20, another source said, adding that the relevant notification will be issued shortly.

Source: Dawn