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Reema visits KPC, calls journalists in Pakistan ‘fighters’

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KARACHI: Actor Reema, who has recently taken on her husband’s name ‘Tariq’, met journalists at Karachi Press Club on Wednesday to admire their determination.

“There are two kinds of fighters in this world – the first are those who physically fight the war and the second are the ones who fight the war through words,” she said. Calling these warriors ‘mujahid’, Reema stood up for a minute and thanked the journalist community based in Karachi for “writing and paving the way for truth to succeed”.

Reema said she had not let go of her Pakistani roots even after moving to the United States. “I have physically left the country but my soul lies here.” She feels responsible for the image of Pakistan she shares while she is in the United States. “I saw a picture of Wali Khan Babar in Newseum and decided to do an entire show there,” she said. “I often tell people there that if one American is a terrorist, the entire nation isn’t. It is the same case with Pakistan. If we have one terrorist in our midst that does not mean that our entire nation is such.” In her attempt to give this message, Reema suggested cultivating positive thoughts.

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