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Rashid for true depiction of Pakistan in media

WASHINGTON- Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad on May 21, 2002 evening called upon the Western media to depict Pakistan in a true and positive perspective by projecting it as a committed state waging a courageous fight against terrorism.

Addressing intellectuals and journalists at a dinner hosted in his honour by the Washington-based Policy Analysis Group, he referred to the illogical conclusions arrived at by certain novices in the field of Western media, based on mere fiction, speculations and wild assumptions. Resort to such indulgence, he said negated the vital cause of justice, which could never be described as fair and acceptable.

In this behalf, Rashid referred to highlighting of “the undeserved and non-genuine” stuff based on mere assumptions or rhetoric or the unkind comments made off the cuff, which had no relevance with facts of the matter, whatsoever. The fact is that Pakistan has been in the forefront of fight against terrorism and a number of terrorists had been apprehended in Pakistan. Moreover, he emphatically said that Pakistan had itself been a victim of terrorism, hence, its support for elimination of terrorism was based on its commitment and a principled attitude and conduct.

Source: The News