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Rallies against anti-Islam film continue

LAHORE: Rallies and protests against the US blasphemous movie continued on Monday as Alami Tanzim Ahle Sunnat and Idara Sirat Mustaqim took out rallies to press for severing ties with the US and expelling its diplomats.

The ATAS rally began from Gujrat early in the morning as a motorcade of slogan-chanting and flags-waving enthusiasts reached Lahore Press Club in the evening after covering a distance of 140km, led by its Ameer Pir Afzal Qadri.

The leaders of the rally also addressed gatherings at Wazirabad, Gakhar Mandi, Gujranwala, Kamonke, Muridke and Shahdara along the route before reaching Lahore. Addressing the protesters at the press club, Pir Afzal Qadri demanded that movie makers extradited to Pakistan for trial under Islamic laws as the US took away Raymond Davis and Dr Afia Siddiqi.

He praised Federal Minister for Railways Ghulam Ahmad Bilour for announcing $100 million head money for the blasphemous movie makers, but expressed sorrow that rulers did not support their own minister and cowed down before US masters by dissociating from his reward.

Maulana Ziaullah Qadri said Islamic laws award death to blasphemers and western countries could not save their blasphemer intellectuals from the punishment for long since Almighty would Himself inflict it on them.

Shahid Gardezi said time for passing resolutions was over and now Jihad had become obligatory on the entire ummah. Arif Awan Advocate, Mukhtar Rizvi, Salim Tabani, Abdul Ghaffar Shah, Maulana Hanif Tahir, Aslam Janjua, Muhammad Aslam and Buturab Baloch also addressed.

The rally by Idara Sirat Mustaqim also marched from Nasser Bagh to The Mall and was led by Ashraf Asif Jalali and other scholars before it dispersed peacefully.

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