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Radios installed at Panah Gahs to promote personal hygiene

Pakistan Press Foundation

ISLAMABAD: The management of shelter homes has installed large radios at Islamabad-based facilities to promote personal hygiene among its dwellers through provision of content about precautionary measures against coronavirus (Covid-19).

Talking to this agency at the G-9 shelter home, Prime Minister’s Focal Person on Shelter Homes Naseemur Rehman said: “The government in collaboration with the private sector

[FM Power 99] has placed at least two large radios at each Panah Gah of the capital to bring behavioral change among its residents through dissemination key public health messages.”

He urged residents of the shelter homes to listen to programmes broadcast on the radios regarding Covid-19 at least twice a day.

Mr Rehman said the gifted radios for residents of the shelter homes marked a big step in promoting health measures and halting spread of the deadly virus.

Radio is a time tested medium in reaching out to public who have minimum access to the conventional modes of communication like television, mainstream and social media.

Since most people who visit shelter homes lack basic information on health, it was imperative to acquaint them with principles of personal hygiene to check the spread of the virus.

Responding to a question, he said shelter homes’ administration was working closely with FM Power 99 to develop messages in multiple languages to enable listeners to move towards healthy living.

“In the prevailing situation, our prime focus is to create an enabling environment for poor people by ensuring uninterrupted supply of essential items at shelter homes.”

A drive, ‘Help keep Panah Gahs clean’ has been launched to prevent outbreak of coronavirus at the facilities which serve food to 2,500 poor and provide overnight shelter to 500 people daily in the twin cities, he added.

“Outreach teams have been formed who hold face-to-face interaction with shelter homes’ beneficiaries who were more vulnerable to contract the virus due to their minimal exposure to print and electronic media.

“Teams, comprising volunteers, have been giving practical demonstrations to visitors to Panah Gahs about mask wearing, personal hygiene and use of soap and sanitisers,” he added.

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