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Qualitative decline in Pakistani TV plays

THIS is apropos of the letter by Sohail Malik “Theatre in Pakistan: another view” (Feb 19). The writer has outlined some of the reasons for the rapid decline of theatre in the country.

Agreeing with the views of the writer, may I further add that not only has theatre been undergoing rapid decline but also the TV drama which has consistently been losing its past flavour. Pakistani TV dramas nowadays are of a substandard quality.

Gone are the days when Pakistani TV dramas used to be qualitative, innovative, purposeful, realistic, message-oriented and full of humour. PTV for the first couple of decades played an important role in telecasting meaningful dramas.Waris, Andhera Ujala, Dhuan, Deewarain, Khuda Ki Basti, Dukh Sukh, Jungle, Ankahi, Din, Choti Si Duniya, Marvi, Tanhaiyan, Jangloos, Hawaein, etc., are some of the marvellous dramas PTV produced during its 46-year journey. Their stories still remain fresh in the minds of viewers.

But with the mushrooming of Pakistani private TV channels the original and true spirit of Pakistani TV plays has died down. The dramas that are being telecast nowadays on such channels are devoid of the original culture and ground realities of Pakistani society.

Pakistani private TV plays have become more glamorous and vulgar as against the characteristics of Pakistani society. They have been influenced by Indian private TV channels. Which is a dangerous trend because Indian society is a secular one and that is the reason why its plays lack decency and virtues of life.

My humble request to all writers, directors and producers of Pakistani TV channels, including state-controlled PTV, is to revisit the essence of the Pakistani drama by highlighting the issues of Pakistani society, keeping in view their ground realities before telecasting them in at least 50 countries around the world.

By doing so, we will be doing a real service to our country and the society. I fear that in an effort to commercialise Pakistani TV dramas on private TV channels, we are detracting our population of 170 million people from our ethics and values which are based on Islamic teachings and principles.

Source: Dawn