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Punjabi writers urged to develop new visions

Pakistan Press Foundation

Lahore—World Punjabi Congress (WPC) Chairman Fakhar Zaman has urged the Punjabi writers to develop new visions and horizons to make their writings to reflect modern sensibility.

He exhorted the writer to eschew cliches and stereotypes and creating Punjabi literature which brings it at par with the world literature.

He said that not only Punjabi writers, but Urdu writers as well should shun purism and traditionalism in their writings.

Addressing a gathering of writers, intellectuals and scholars here on Monday, Zaman said there was a need of using new metaphors, similes and images in the backdrop of cyber-phenomenon and other technological changes.

He expressed great concern over the UNESCO reports that within next 25 years Punjabi will be an extinct language.

He said that he had been telling both Indian and Pakistani Punjabi writers to have their writings translated into English and circulate them on the internet so that critics all over the world could appreciate the merit of our language.

He said that he had translated the ‘Sufi’ poets into nine languages of the world when he was the a chairman of Pakistan Academy of Letters and circulated them throughout the world.

This, he said, was the proper way to save this language from extinction.

Source: Pakistan Observer

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