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PTV to launch channel 4

PESHAWAR- Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) will launch channel 4 in order to give more time to regional languages on the national hook-up and promote local culture and traditions of respective provinces.

“The channel would be launched some time next month from all the four centres, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar simultaneously,” said General Manager, PTV, Peshawar Centre, Farmanullah Jan, on May 28, 2003.

According to him, by launching channel 4, the long-standing demand of the audience would be met, who had been demanding an increase in the duration of regional languages’ programmes.

The channel would be inaugurated by chief ministers of three provinces, whereas Prime Minister Zafarullah Khan Jamali would perform its inaugural ceremony in Quetta.

The channel is being launched exclusively for regional languages’ programmes, where music, comedy and quiz shows, interviews, talk shows, plays, literary and cultural programmes and documentaries would be aired. All the programmes would be aired with sub-titles so that the speakers of other languages could also understand and enjoy.

At present, about one hour is allocated to Pashtu language transmission from Peshawar centre, but majority of the people miss these programmes, owing to its different schedule. But the channel 4 would solve that problem, because two hours would allotted to all the four centres for transmissions in regional languages.

All these programmes would be repeatedly transmitted, so that all viewers could see them. About the allocation of time, all the regional languages would get time in line with the population of the speakers of various languages. For instance, besides Pashtu, programmes would be aired in Hindko from Peshawar. Likewise, programmes would be aired at fixed time on permanent basis that would provide an opportunity to the viewers to watch their programmes in time.

Source: Dawn