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PTV bans ad on dancing bears

LAHORE: Pakistan Television has banned a public service announcement (PSA) that aims to educate people about the cruel treatment of dancing bears in Pakistan, deeming it too graphic, according to a statement received here from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia-Pacific.

PETA bought a prime time spot for the ad, but PTV ad executives said the video — which shows a screaming man being burned and tethered through the nose like a dancing bear — was too graphic.

“PETA’s subsequent attempts to meet PTV’s requirements and run the ad during late-night spots with a subtitle ensuring viewers that it was made using special effects were also met with resistance. The 40-second PSA, written by Tony Burke and directed and produced by the award winning London based production company Diamond Bullet Productions, has been forced on to the internet at ,” said the PETA statement.

“We’re shocked that with all the violence constantly aired on TV today, this ad — which motivates viewers to help rid Pakistan’s streets of illegal madaris with bears — would be rejected,” said PETA Director Jason Baker. “PTV claims this ad is too graphic, but it is a reality for the more than 600 dancing bears in Pakistan.”

Even though it has been illegal to capture bears in Pakistan since 2001, there are still more than 600 sloth bears being forced to dance for money by madaris. Bear cubs that are barely one-year-old squeal in agony as red-hot needles are jabbed through their noses and thick ropes are forced through the throbbing wounds. When the ropes are tugged, the bears lift their legs and “dance”. Most of their teeth are pulled out, and they are trained through pain and starvation. Many cubs die before the training begins because of the stress of capture; those who survive live an average of only 8 years — compared to the 30-year life expectancy of bears in the wild. “PETA strongly urges anyone who encounters a madari with a bear to report the madari to the police,” said the statement.
Source: Daily Times