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PTI’s rejoinder to Jang/Geo notice

Pakistan Press Foundation

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Information Secretary Dr. Shireen Mazari on Sunday issued her party’s official position on the ‘Geo-Jang group legal notice and other targeting of PTI and its chairman in a highly offensive and personal manner’.

One, that the legal notice be withdrawn immediately as it is undemocratic and absurd since it seeks to muzzle the demand by a national political leader for an inquiry on some serious allegations.

Two, that an immediate apology be given to Chairman Khan for not only serving such a notice but also targeting him in a highly vicious and personal manner in a Geo programme Khabarnaak.

Three, that notice be taken by the Jang newspaper of a particular columnist who has been solely spouting vitriole against PTI and its chairman for the last six months. The party has no issue with criticism of its policies and actions but to allow a columnist to use his columns solely for carrying out a personal vendetta against the PTI chairman week after week is unacceptable and unethical.

The PTI Secretary Information said while PTI has no interest or desire to have a clash with any media organisation, it feels it must stand up for Insaf and fair play. Till its three points are heeded to by the Geo/Jang Group PTI will reserve the right to decide how to proceed further on these issues.

Mazari stated that meanwhile she had set the record straight on the needless controversy of the fictitious White Paper two days ago and there was nothing further to add on this.

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