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PTI distances itself from anti-Jang, Geo plot

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KARACHI: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) has denied that any of its official social media wings posted defamatory material against the Jang-Geo Group.

“It is a conspiracy to set the PTI against the Jang Group,” Shafqat Mahmood, a senior PTI leader and its MNA from Lahore, told The News. “Some third force, having nefarious designs, wants to exploit PTI’s name and spoil its relations with the Jang-Geo Group.”

A so-called “white paper” had also been posted on various social media sites earlier on Friday allegedly by the PTI Cyber Force (PTICF). The highly slanderous material echoed the groundless allegations that were recently made against the Jang-Geo management mainly by a media anchor known for owning an airplane and a self-proclaimed spokesperson of Pakistani intelligence agencies fronting for this organised propaganda campaign aimed at maligning the Jang-Geo Group and its management for its independent editorial policies.

However, the PTICF too denied “writing or publishing” any whitepaper against the Group. “PTI Cyber Force’s name is being used by publishing an article…PTI Cyber Force strongly denies this act,” the PTICF said. “PTICF did not write or publish any whitepaper against Geo or Jang.”

Asad Umar, another lawmaker of PTI and Ex-CEO of ENGRO CORP, said “Someone wants to stoke friction between the PTI and the Jang Group.”

Awab Alvi, heading PTI’s social media cell commented, “A propaganda group is involved…and I truly have started to suspect foul play and believe other fake accounts posing as PTI supporter or even PTI Cyber Force are being used.” He further lamented, “Imran Khan has unnecessarily been dragged into it.”

Successive civilian and military governments have a stained history of targeting and victimising the country’s largest media group through a series of overt and covert harsh measures. From outright closure of newspapers and television channels to scores of other arm-twisting measures were used to suppress press freedom. The Jang Group remained the prime target of various kinds of victimisation campaigns and paid the price of speaking the truth under various governments in the form of closure of its channels and attempts to stifle its revenue sources, so far accumulating in record 8 billion rupees.

It should be noted that already Jang Group has won a stay against the airplane anchor and the red topi self proclaimed intelligence agency representative. Also a stay has been granted by Honourable Islamabad High Court recently against defamation. Also a criminal case was won and arrest warrants have also been issued against both gentlemen less than a month ago and on both occasions when the court summoned, both decided not to show. A third arrest warrant is expected to be issued soon.

The Jang-Geo management has already issued a detailed response to these groundless, biased and highly inflammatory allegations.

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