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PTCL plans to install 0.5m phone lines

ISLAMABAD, JANUARY 23 (APP): The PTCL has budgeted Rs. 14 for installation of 500,000 telephone lines during the year 1998-99, official sources said here on Saturday.

Private sector participation of 270,000 lines and WLL project of 160,000 lines was also under active consideration, sources said.

Provision of additional telephone lines, improvement of the existing system and provision of value added services to the customers were the main objectives of the plan, a source said.

During 1997-98, the PTCL had provided 341,000 telephone connection with additional line capacity of 309,000, he claimed. In order to achieve the targets of the Annual Development Plan 1998-99, the company would seek international coordination through an established mechanism, he added.

Asked whether these ambitious targets could easily be achieved, they said they said they have evolved a system of regular monitoring and were reviewing the progress every month.

They said in spite of constraints the company had been trying to improve its efficiency and productivity. The company had undertaken a SWOT programme (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) as how to improve performance to achieve the objectives. He said targets have been set keeping in view short and long term objectives to improve services.

He said the government had also created the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to regulate the telecom sector. One of major functions assigned to the authority was to make recommendations to the government on policies with respect to international telecom services.

The PTA had also awarded consultancies to different firms on licensing, handling and processing of consumersÂ’ complaints and telecom demand and re-balancing of prices. The authority, he said, intends to issues licenses for value added services, including CLI system, store and forward fax, this year.
Source: Dawn