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PTCL launches tele presence

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunication Company on Thursday launched tele presence, the first of its kind in Pakistan in a conference room specially set up for their new technology.

Powered by Cisco Technologies, tele presence is an innovative technology that combines rich audio with high-definition video to deliver a true “in person” virtual meeting experience while connecting customers, partners and co-workers in real time. The main purpose of introducing this technology was to reduce cost, improve corporate social responsibility (CSR) credentials through reduced environmental impact and improve responses to business challenges and opportunities.

The tele presence ensures efficient end-to-end life size meeting experience by providing fully managed and scalable services over PTCL’s global network.

“PTCL allows customers to come in and rent our Tele Presence studio on an hourly basis, without having to invest in the expensive technology, thus increase productivity through more interactions and less travel,” said SEVP Commercial, PTCL, Naveed Saeed while talking to journalists here and over screens in Lahore and Karachi.

“Tele presence provides high quality video that enables access to anyone, anywhere around the world. Soon, Pakistan will be connected to 5,000 such quality and reliable studios for any sort of discussion, political, economical or educational, as naturally and effectively as if they were face to face,” he said.

The briefing was informed that Tele Presence conferencing studios were for hire currently in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. These conferencing centers were able to connect to Middle East, Europe, and North America and to any other tele presence suites around the world.

These studios with the special conference table could seat up to six people per location and incorporated video monitors to create a “virtual table” of up to 30 participants. The Company was also offering to set up tele presence centres for high usage customers, where enterprises could opt for PTCL to build and equip a studio at the customer’s premise itself.
Source: Dawn