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PTCL Broadband shows 48 percent growth in last quarter

ISLAMABAD (January 25 2009): PTCL Broadband, country’s largest and fastest growing broadband service showed a growth of 48 percent in the last quarter of October-December 2008, breaking all its previous growth rates. According to PTCL spokesperson within one and a half years of its broadband launch, PTCL has acquired over 100,000 broadband customers in over 100 cities and towns across Pakistan.

The year 2008 was also very significant for PTCL Broadband in which it achieved. In October 2008, PTCL also became the first ever company in Pakistan to spread its broadband coverage to over 100 cities and then two months later it also became the first company ever in Pakistan to acquire over 100,000 broadband customers.

It is important to note that before PTCL’s entry into the broadband market in 2007, was primarily only available in 3 major cities of the country. With its entry in this market segment, PTCL opened up a broadband culture in Pakistan, where till a couple of years back there was very little awareness in the Pakistani market about broadband and high speed internet services.

Since its broadband launch in May 2007, PTCL made the broadband technology affordable by decreasing the barriers to entry, by geographically bringing the service within the reach of a common user across Pakistan and by continuous improvement in the customer service provisioning and complain management for the service.

Special packages for the student segment along with services such as free dial up service for its broadband customers and free access to movies, music, classical Pakistani dramas, educational data, religious content and cricket matches are available for its customers. Branded under ‘PTCL BUZZ’, this complete web infotainment content portal is made exclusive only to PTCL broadband subscribers. In addition to these value additions, PTCL now also offers a free personalised e-mail account exclusively to its broadband users.

Source: Business Recorder