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PTA’s ‘efficiency’

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I AM angry with the PTA’s super efficiency. I run a small business, and only three of us use the Internet, wireless or wired. I have a 1MB Internet connection on an unlimited package from a local ISP.

I was shocked when one day the very swift connection stopped working. After calling the ISP, I now stood just baffled to hear what I did: the PTA had decided to block my IP address.

Why? Because, usually, any IP address that has too much of VOIP activity (which we don’t) or sends too many emails (which we do, indeed) is caught by their ‘systems’ and stands to be blocked.

It is suspicious, and there is nothing that the ISP can do to help me in this situation. I should contact the PTA. Okay, so whom should I contact in the PTA? Please call 1218 for their number.

Now how is a business running usually on such ISP services expected to function? The only solution to this problem: please switch off the device for five to six hours and it will start working properly. I mean the reason that I should give my customers for being unable to send a document via email to them is that PTA blocked my IP address.

This is absurd. The PTA must take note of its efficiency and be reasonable.

I and my company pay taxes and contribute to Pakistan’s economy, but these small, senseless regulations and procedures just make it so much more difficult to operate, leaving us helpless.

Afshan Lakdawalla


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