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PTA monitors cellular operators’ billings

KARACHI: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has carried out monitoring of billings of all cellular operators aimed at ensuring accuracy of charged rates with advertized rates.

The results of the computerized experiment also showed that operators were giving benefit to their subscribers in most of the cases by charging lesser tariffs in comparison to their advertised tariffs.

PTA has employed specials NEMO tool in the attempt to verify operators’ charges-mechanism in the wake of growing number of call packages under slabs of one-second, 20-second, 30-second and one-minute packages.

In this regard, the 30-second billing package was selected as majority of the subscribers have opted this package.

One hundred (100) rupees scratch cards were loaded in the SIMs of all cellular operators’ MOs. In order to verify billing system of CMOs, on-net and off-net calls of different durations were made ranging from 28 seconds to 175 seconds.

Officials said the procedures will be further programmed in order to monitor all tariff mechanism offered by cellular operators to their subscribers.

The authority seeks to adopt stepwise approach for comprehensive CMN Billing verification methodology of subscriber bills based on the observations and experimental test results.

It has conducted a thorough study and utilization of the tool (NEMO) for billing related tests last year and formulating “Billing Verification Methodology of Cellular Mobile Network”.

The desired CMN billing verification is a semi-automatic mechanism devised to calculate the call charges as PTA’s existing NEMO tool deals with Technical QoS parameters and doesn’t automatically calculate billing part.
Source: Daily Times