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PTA launches ‘mobile education’

Pakistan Press Foundation

ISLAMABAD: The Pakis-tan Tele-communication Authority (PTA) launched on Tuesday an Internet website ‘Smart Pakistan’ accessible on cell phones.

The website: will serve as a repository and directory of mobile applications related to health and education etc.

This will serves as a starting site for web users and will open links to other sites, the PTA statement said.

The ‘Smart-Pakistan initiative’ will also enable software developers to design innovative and new applications such as games and health and education programmes and upload them for its subscribers.

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The emphasis of this initiative is to promote mobile applications and services relevant to Pakistani society and encourage operators, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and local developers to come forward with innovative ideas and applications for entertainment, education and communication purposes, the PTA said.

It will bring all stakeholders such as citizens, government, mobile operators, OEMs, international organisations, academia, mobile entrepreneurs and others on one platform to build work on newer software technologies.