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Protests of banned outfits in support of institutions not good: Fazl

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ISLAMABAD: Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman Tuesday said an environment of imbalance had been created in the wake of attack on Geo News anchor Hamid Mir, tensing the army, the media, the political parties and the nation at large.

In a statement issued by the party spokesperson Jan Achakzai, Fazl said the fist imbalance was created by the initial coverage of ISI chief by Geo in the aftermath of attack on Hamid Mir.

“Targeting the ISI chief on suspicion of Hamid Mir’s brother rightly concerned the ISI and hence its reaction was natural”. However, Hamid Mir’s statement after recovery cleared the name of ISI chief being involved in the attack, which is a welcome development.”

Referring to the reaction of ISI, he said now it needs to step back and allow Pemra to determine any lessons for the Geo after the initial imbalanced coverage.“The JUI does not support banning Geo or questioning the patriotism of Hamid Mir.”

He observed that the statements and protests of some banned sectarian outfits in support of ISI had not enhanced the stature and respect of the ISI and the army and a negative impression was being created.

“So this imbalance needs to be corrected as well,” he added.“As for the attack on Hamid Mir, we all condemn it and the report of the special judicial commission should be awaited.”

However, he said criticism of Hamid Mir had reduced the scale of actual crime committed against him and emboldened the perpetrators of the crime. He feared that the current debate might also impact the investigative commission.

“This is why a new atmosphere of fair balance needs to be created to learn the right lessons by all and move on from this unhappy saga,” he concluded. — NNIINP adds: The JUI-F chief said there must be cooperation among all state institutions and if they remain within their constitutional ambit, there would be no danger of confrontation.

He said the JUI-F had already expressed its reservations about the Protection of Pakistan Bill within and without parliament and termed it unconstitutional and against the principles of human rights.

He said peace could not be restored unless the country gets out of the war of others. He said the JUI-F had always demanded a strong foreign policy and implementation of the parliamentary resolutions and decisions of the APC to rid the country of bloodshed and blasts.

He said the national security policy had been framed to please the foreign masters. He asked the government not to worry about religious institutions and pay attention to the resolution of problems of the people.

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