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Prominent critic concerned over plagiarism in Urdu literature

By Zaib Azkaar Hussain

Karachi: Dr Muhammad Ali Siddiqui, popularly known as Ariel, has expressed his deep concern over plagiarism in Urdu literature.

Referring to an Urdu book titled “Falsafa Ma Ba’ad Jadeediat” (post-modern philosophy) by a UK-based Pakistani, Shahid Imran Bhandar, which alleged that a renowned Urdu critic of India, Gopi Chand Narang, had plagiarised a major portion of one of his books from a book of foreign literature while claiming that he had been subscribing to the same philosophical views, Siddiqui said that he had already pointed out such things in Urdu literature and that it was not fair to treat such people as heroes of Urdu literature and genuine critics.

Bhandar has taken to task several critics of Urdu literature who had failed to understand the current philosophical trends in English literature and yet pleaded the case of such trends.

Bhandar claimed that most of the trends had been part of a well-considered move to make people frustrated and depressed.

He argued that due to such frustration and depression, an objective view of the world and rejection of exploitation had never been taken into account by many eminent writers in the developing countries.

Ariel, who had been very critical of such trends, said that history did not spare anyone so it was the duty of the writers not to follow and imitate the trends without first examining them deeply.

He contended that after all the writers and the critics were a part of this society and they would have to play a role.

Ariel, a critic, columnist and an author of 17 books on Urdu and English literature, had written on different forms of literature.

He has also translated important works from English into Urdu.

Literary circles say that Ariel, who, along with two prominent writers enriching the Sindhi literature, Abdul Ghafar Soomro and Sirajul Haque Memon, has been selected for the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, is indeed a deserving writer and he should have been given this award earlier for his distinguished services in the field of literature.

Describing the details of his selection for the Sitara-e-Imtiaz, Ariel said he had not been aware of being considered for the award until it was announced.

Meanwhile, the Majlis-e-Firogh-e-Adab in Qatar has felicitated Ariel over his selection for the award.

Muhammad Ateeq, chairman of Majlis-e-Firogh-e-Adab, has announced that a function in honour of Ariel will be held in Qatar soon.
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