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Private channels to benefit government, says Memon

ISLAMABAD- Minister for Information Nisar A Memon said that the decision of the government to deregulate media was motivated by its desire to allow every citizen to have direct access to masses. He was speaking in a programme of Radio Pakistan’s World Service.

The minister said, with the establishment of radio and television stations in the private sector there will be diversification of private policies for different spheres of life. He said the law promulgated in this regard allows the private sector to set up Radio and TV channels down to the district level.

To a question Nisar A. Memon said the government would ensure maximum autonomy for such channels as per law. He said, they can also broadcast news after securing necessary license for the purpose from Pakistan Electronic

Pakistanis to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the government with the deregulation of media and invest in this sector. He said, by doing so they will not only be able to directly communicate with the people but also make profits.

He said, Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television have rendered tremendous national service and they are in a position to compete in the new environment.

Source: The Nation