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Preserving our cultural heritage

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ISLAMABAD: This is with reference to your story “Civil society starts own ‘coup’ to protect culture” (January 30). I am shocked to see the picture of the Moenjo Daro site published alongside the story, which shows a huge stage being erected right inside the archaeological site to launch the Sindh Cultural Festival, which is being promoted with the so-called slogan of “Preserve. Promote. Protect”. One can clearly see the poles, which workers are fixing right on the ruins of this world heritage site.

This activity is totally against the spirit of this campaign and its slogan as it will create more damage rather than preserving and protecting this unique site, which is already a shambles because of the apathy of the department concerned. There could be thousands of other ways to promote the culture of Sindh but it should not be at the cost of damaging the same cultural heritage which we are trying to protect, promote and preserve. I very humbly request Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to please not become part of this murder of our cultural heritage.

Aftab ur Rehman Rana
President, Sustainable Tourism Foundation, Islamabad

Express Tribune

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