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Practical education for women

THE modern world has achieved many milestones in empowering the womenfolk so that they could play an equal role in society.

However, numerous issues still prevail in all areas of life, ranging from the cultural, political to the economic exploitation of women.

For example, women often have to work more than their male counterparts. Despite their equal role, they are often less paid or they face gender discrimination in the workplace.

The best a society can do for women is providing them education.

In Lahore, the Punjab Education Foundation is providing free education to 12,000 deserving students under its Education Voucher Scheme in Lahore city alone. The number of students has increased to 25,000 now. While these poor children are getting free education, they should also be given practical or skill training. I, therefore, propose to PEF authorities to also arrange for some technical and vocational training for their girl students so that they could become earning members of their families. The PEF should start Gender Support Programmes for the socio-economic development of girls in the rural areas of Punjab.

It is required to have close collaboration between institutions like PITAC, SMEDA, PBIT and District Industrial Homes so that a technically-skilled generation could emerge and lead the country with their managerial skills.

Source: Dawn