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PPF protests violent attacks on journalist Normila Sari Wahyuni

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Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) is concerned over violent attack on journalist Normila Sari Wahyuni on Sunday, March 3.

Quoting information from International Press Institution (IPI), Wahyuni, a reporter for Paser TV, a channel that airs locally in the Paser region, was attacked during reporting on a land dispute in the village of Rantau Panjang, in East Kalimantan. Sources says that she was identified as the daughter of one of the parties to the land dispute and pulled off a motorbike, surrounded and beaten by a group of at least 16 people. Moreover, they confiscated the journalist’s camera and thrown it into a nearby pond.

Wahyuni was able to identify two of the attackers, one being the head of Rantau Panjang village and the other the village secretary. Wahyuni suffered physical injuries that, she said, resulted in a miscarriage after one month of pregnancy. The journalist filed a complaint over alleged aggravated assault against the village chief.

PPF condemns this media freedom violation in Indonesia and urges the government to carry out investigation and take a serious action against alleged culprits. In addition, PPF calls upon the government to guarantee the safety of journalists and freedom of information in Indonesia.

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