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Portrait of an artist

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Karachi: Art, more often than not, gives an objective view of life. It makes it easier for the viewer to move from a wider perspective to an opinion where the artist’s vision becomes clearer to understand. This is why it is quite difficult, and more fun, to move from the other side, that is: from a subjective view to a universal standpoint.

An exhibition of Anjum Alix Noon’s artworks titled Take a Piece of my Heart at the Canvas Gallery puts art buffs in the position discussed latter. Suffice it to say that the artist has come up with a pretty fascinating show.

Basically Anjum has put on display a series of self-portraits with the help of a variety of media — acrylic, watercolour and pen on paper; safaida and graphite on wasli, etc. Self-portraits aren’t usually hard to interpret but when you have them in such a big number it suggests that the artist wants the viewer to embark on a quest which is as convoluted and complex as the brain of a super-creative individual. For that to happen, whoever becomes part of that quest has to have at least a modicum of understanding about the creative process. Although it is a complicated topic itself, we all know that one of the essential things required for a creative plan to come into being is frenzy. Unless the viewer realises that, his/her mission will remain a pipe dream.

Anjum’s work is a result of the passion that all artists worth their salt feel when they express. Her portraits comprise moods, emotions, feelings and postures that are outcomes of stories the viewer does not have the faintest notion about. That doesn’t matter because what conveys so nicely to those who look at the artworks is the power and beauty of art trying to make sense of life.

The show concludes on May 16.


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