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Political, labour, trade leaders slam curbs on Jang-Geo Group

Obaid Abrar Khan

RAWALPINDI: The employees of Daily Jang and The News on Thursday staged a protest demonstration here in front of Jang Building to condemn the government move against the Geo network and stoppage of advertisements to Daily Jang and The News.

Number of political, labour union and trade union leaders, lawyers and the members of civil society also participated in the demonstration and strongly protested the act of the government against the Jang Group. The protestors were holding placards and were chanting slogans against the government.

Addressing the protesters, Labour Union Leaders Ishtiaq Aasi said it is best for Pakistan that these leaders should quit their offices as soon as possible, as they are creating problems for public instead of solving masses issues.

He said the government is creating problems for the Jang Group because it is showing the true picture of these leaders. “The Jang Group has the full support of our labour union and we are always available for protest and rally in the favour of Geo and Daily Jang,” he ensured.

Dr Jamal Nasir, President Pakistan Green Task Force, said that all the politicians are same; when they sit in opposition they talk about free media but they impose ban on media when they come into power.

He said the Jang Group is the voice of this nation and we would not allow anyone to impose ban on it and create problems for the group. Rawalpindi Traders Union President Malik Shahid Ghafoor Paracha in his address said that there is a need to support the truth and this time the Jang Group is under pressure because it is speaking the truth. “The Jang Group has also supported lawyers, traders and everyone who is on the right path,” he added.

He said our leaders are not capable of running this country thatÂ’s why they are imposing ban on the media and trying to create financial issues for the Jang Group but Geo and Daily Jang has full support of this nation.

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Media Advisor Zahid Qazmi said the Jang Group has full support of his party till the end of these crises. This media group is working on the agenda to expose the corruption of our corrupt leaders and this is the reason that they are facing hard times.

He announced that today (Friday) PTI Chairman Imran Khan would stage a protest demonstration in front of the Punjab House in favour of the Jang Group.

Rawalpindi Bar Association President Malik Jawad Khalid said that political leaders, members of civil society and the lawyers are with the Jang Group, as it always speaks truth. “Our government should obey the Supreme Court orders and should lift ban on the Jang Group and use their powers to serve the nation instead of conspiring against this media group.

Resident Manager of Daily Jang Aziz Mohmand on the behalf of Jang employees said that President Asif Ali Zardari always says that all the departments should work under their jurisdiction. “My question is that is he following this formula? The government is using Pemra, the Ministry of Information and cable operators against the Jang Group, he added.

He said that if the son of Prime Minster of Pakistan is involved in any corruption then it’s not our mistake we are only showing the realty. Geo Super got the exclusive rights to telecast the Cricket World Cup 2011 by paying Rs1 billion but the government is pressurising the cable operators to go on strike to deprive people of enjoying world cup matches.

Aziz Mohmand advised the President of Pakistan not to go against the media as this media would be very useful for him when he would leave his office.

Jang Magazine Editor Rana Gulam Qadir said the government is an example of civil dictatorship and trying to create financial issues for the Jang Group. But despite of all the crises this group is speaking and showing the truth.

He said our leaders donÂ’t want to see their true picture that’s why they are forcing the Jang Group to stop highlighting their corruption cases.

Others who spoke on the occasion included The News International Union General Secretary Malik Tahir, Jang Union President Nasir Chisti, civil society member Azhar Mir, PML-N leaders Tahira Mukhtar, Zaib-un-Nisa and Nasir Ali.
Source: The News