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Policy to institutionalise women empowerment launched

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KARACHI: Sindh government on Thursday launched comprehensive policy document focused on institutionalising women empowerment and creation of enabling environment for women to realise their potential in all spheres of life.

Caretaker Sindh Minister for Women Development, Anis Haroon on the occasion said there was a need to end the cynicism prevalent in certain sections of the society about implementation of women friendly laws and policies in the country.

“I agree that the process of implementation is slow yet these laws have largely benefited the women,” she said.

The minister, also a senior women activist, particularly referred to the amendment in Hudood Ordinance, in 2006, that led to much needed procedural change providing massive relief to women wrongly implicated in Hudood cases.

Haroon said the interim government, despite its limitations that also include paucity of time will also ensure that procedural hindrances in enforcement of public friendly laws are addressed and that the concerned sections are also provided needed relief.

In this context, she said protection committees, an essential requirement under the law for elimination of child labour would also be constituted, without any unnecessary delay. APP

Source: Daily Times

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