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Police attack food and media vehicles

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Police force on duty in the Red Zone attacked the vehicles bringing in food items and water for the protestors of PTI and PAT activists on Sunday afternoon. As soon as the vehicles carrying food items reached the Red Zone, a contingent of police in full gear attacked them in order to prevent the supply to the hungry protestors who did not have breakfast and were without water.

The policemen smashed the windows and front screens of the vehicles as the drivers and other occupants fled after seeing the police personnel moving towards them. Media persons who were covering the incident were also thrashed and their vehicles targeted.

Federal Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafiq who happened to be nearby rushed towards the police party to prevent them from this uncalled for provocation.

Later talking to media, Saad Rafiq said he would inform the prime minister and the interior minister about mishandling by the police force.

Reports from the Red Zone say that while the workers were without breakfast and moving from place to place for water, KPK Chief Minister Pervez Khattak and PTI leader Jahangir Tarin managed to bring breakfast for Imran Khan and other leaders in the container. Videos showed lunch items, water bottles and crockery being shifted in the containers under the supervision of the KPK chief minister.

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