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PML-N has multiple secretly filmed videos of Judge Arshad Malik

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Islamabad: Accountability Court Judge Arshad Malik has been secretly filmed multiple times talking about Nawaz Sharif’s case, it has been learnt.

PML-N sources confided to The News that the videos, secretly filmed, do not belong to Nasir Butt (who was seen sitting next to the judge in the video shown by the Maryam Nawaz a few days back) alone. It is alleged that the judge had also interacted with a few other persons, who also made videos of the alleged confession and some other really explosive disclosures by the judge.

The most recently filmed video of the judge, meeting an important person associated with the PML-N and the Sharif family, was almost a month back. The sources said that it was filmed outside Pakistan during the judge’s recent foreign visit. The sources said the Sharif family has got all these videos and has so far released only parts of what the judge allegedly interacted with Nasir Butt.

These sources claim that the most explosive material, which Maryam Nawaz also vaguely referred to in her last press conference, is part of the video filmed in Pakistan but it is other than those covering the judge’s sittings with Nasir Butt. As reported by The News on Monday, in one of these videos the Accountability Court judge allegedly named one of the top constitutional office holders, now retired, and an equally important person still holding an esteemed position in a state institution. It is said that in the said video Judge Arshad Malik was allegedly giving a detailed account of how he was pressurized to hand down a verdict against Nawaz Sharif. He allegedly named those who pressurized him to do so.

On Saturday last, Maryam Nawaz Sharif played an explosive video before the media, purportedly showing Arshad Malik telling a man that he was blackmailed and coerced into convicting Nawaz Sharif despite that there was no evidence against him. The judge was shown telling a man namely Nasir Butt that “they have in possession secret material against everybody.” “They called me and showed me a video. After watching it, I had no choice but to act upon what they said.”

Accountability Court Judge Arshad Malik, however, termed the video as shown by Maryam Nawaz fabricated and false and said it was made by twisting his conversations on different occasions. Malik also demanded legal action against those behind the move. Malik admitted that he had a long acquaintance with Nasir Butt, a close aide to former premier Nawaz Sharif, as both hailed from Rawalpindi. The Judge said the video was an attempt to malign him, his family and the judiciary. The judge said a number of times during the trial of Nawaz Sharif and other members of Sharif family, he was offered bribe and threatened with consequences if he refused to cooperate.

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