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Plea to create awareness through FM channels

ISLAMABAD, April 2,2005: Radio is a powerful medium and through quality programmes it can make a telling contribution towards educating as well as entertaining the general public.

These views were expressed by Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Anisa Zeb Tahirkehli while attending a briefing on FM-101 radio channel at Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) headquarters here on April 01.

She said FM radio stations could play an important role in educating and informing the masses along with entertaining them, therefore, the government was strengthening the FM radio network in the country.

She appreciated the efforts of the corporation to further modernizing and revamping the FM-101 network. Radio is much more powerful than visual mediums as it can be listened to while driving or performing other activities, she added.

The minister underlined the need for further strengthening the PBC’s FM and MW networks to cover the entire country. She also stressed installation of better and modern equipment at radio stations, besides capacity-building of human resource.

She appreciated the plans of establishing another 47 FM-101 stations across the country in a period of three years at a cost of Rs475.6 million. The minister said the role of FM radio became very important and more effective as it acted as a community-based radio because of its limited area of coverage and local content.

She said FM radio could be used to educate and inform the grass roots, besides allowing the local talent to come forward and express themselves. Ms Tahirkheli said FM radio channels could work towards informing the masses about the government policies and steps taken by it for their socio-economic uplift.

And, the interactive nature of these programmes make these more lively, she added. She also highlighted the need for improving the programme content and increasing the outdoor content to allow a more direct approach to different issues.
Source: Dawn