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Photojournalists’ works exhibition held

LAHORE (January 18 2009): An exhibition has been opened in Lahore on Saturday to display the work of Newspaper photojournalists. The event is being held at Alhamra Art Conical and will be continued till Monday evening. The newly nominated President of Pakistan People Party Lahore, Chuhadry Asghar Ali inaugurated the exhibition along with the co-ordinator to the Governor Punjab.

The exhibition is a showcase of 56 photographers from different newspapers. Photographs exhibited in the show reflected different aspects of life including harsh social realities and issues relating to environment and animal treatment. The exhibition is not only a unique opportunity of having a closer look at these wonderfully preserved great assets of nature, but also a novel opportunity of having an eye on marvellous work of leading photojournalists.

These photographs also highlight preservation of values and promotion cultural diversity within the society. A large number of people from various fields of life turned up to appreciate the remarkable camera work performed by some leading photojournalists.

Source: Business Recorder